Underground movie // STRUCTURE OF CRYSTAL

wo 29 mei '19 - 20:00
Underground movie // STRUCTURE OF CRYSTAL
In Club Up


(Struktura krysztalu)
Directed by Krzysztof Zanussi
74 minutes

One of the classics of Polish cinema, that illustrates how film can be used as a form of contemplation about the lives around us, rather than as pure entertainment and distraction. I am not saying this film isn't entertaining though, because what can be more rapturous than poetry?

The layout of this movie is simple. It is about two physicists who once worked together and became friends. But one of them mysteriously dropped out years before and left the entire scientific community behind. The other scientist has become curious, and is also sad that his friend has wasted his career. He has contacted his friend, who now lives in the remote countryside, and arranged for a visit. So he travels across the countryside for their meeting. What develops is a discussion about two radically different approaches to life. In a sense, one based on physics, the other metaphysical. One of them is committed to developing society, the other has chosen individual enrichment. The entire film consists of their relationship, punctuated with images of the Polish landscape. One of the gems of Polish cinema.

+ short film:
Directed by Jan Lencia
15 minutes

Perfect example of Polish animation, fusing together crafted visual design with pure imagination.