ShortCutz | Weekly Session #311

dinsdag 10 oktober

20:00 – 22:00


Shortcutz Amsterdam is back at the De Kring with the free Weekly Sessionz, the coolest way to interact with the new generation of Dutch filmmakers.

Every session, you can watch short films straight from our Official Selection, followed by a ‘gezellige’ Q&A with the teams. The Sessions are English spoken, and the films are subtitled in English.

After each screening, we interview the team behind the film and get to know more about their process and vision.

The special guest for this session will be announced soon! Stay Tuned!

Official competition

Check out the cool short films and teams you can watch/meet this session:

Silent Waters


Brent Bosker | Live-Action | 20’00’’

Bosnia and Herzegovina, April 1992. The Bosnian Amir, Nada and their daughter Lejla are friends with their Bosnian Serb neighbours. But as ethnic tensions in the country rise and cause a conflict between the two families, everything changes; the war that once felt so far away suddenly comes very close.

Outside the Lines


Stan Oversteegen | Animation | 04’48’’

Three young queer people share their experiences on what it’s like to deviate from the straight-, cis- norm. Throughout the film, painful experiences make room for a more positive perspective, such as the overwhelming sense of connection with millions of other queer individuals worldwide or the freedom that arises as one can relinquish certain expectations.


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More About Shortcutz Amsterdam

Shortcutz Amsterdam is a platform for up-and-coming Dutch film talent. It’s our mission to put the spotlight on new talent and offer them a ‘shortcut’ to an audience (Nationally and Internationally), knowledge, and the most exciting film professionals.

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